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Live & Lead From the Inside Out

Allowing Jesus to transform you

while leading others in the church.

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How would you describe your relationship with the Holy Spirit? Cultivate and strengthen your view and relationship with the spirit when you read GET UP. Just 5 minutes a day in the devotion will deepen your faith and stir up the gifts in you.

Using the signature Wring-Out-the-Word-Method™ and emotional intelligence, learn more about purpose and courage from Tabitha’s resurrection in Acts 9 in this devotional journal. 


Certified Coach, Pastor, 
Author & Facilitator

Charity is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. In addition to her role as Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Groups at The Gathering, she speaks, preaches and facilitates workshops on leadership, emotional intelligence, vulnerability and courage for Christian individuals, institutions or organizations. With degrees in journalism and divinity, she strengthens her ministry within and beyond the walls of the church with credentials as a facilitator of Brené Brown’s research, a coach, practitioner and assessor of emotional intelligence.


Mary Saou

"You have everything to gain by working with Charity. Her gentle nudges to go deeper, reflect, to really make space, all contribute to a meaningful experience of spiritual growth." - Mary Saou 

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"Coaching with Charity has helped me to learn to celebrate accomplishments and not just keep focused on what isn't done yet. It has been very helpful to talk through the big picture and break it down in to incremental steps. I have become a better listener and more in tune with the things I am allowing to get in my way."
- Kim Hoover

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"To learn about your emotional IQ is so beneficial in learning how to deal with emotions that pastors have trouble dealing with, because of who we are and who the public supposes us to be. Charity helps you walk through those challenges and also helps you better understand to recognize when you begin to feel the negative feeling, while very normal, and helps you turn those feeling around to positives, which help all parties concerned, which also helps your soul stay focused on God and not the chaos." - Pati Robertson

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Rev. Yvi Martin

"Working on EQ with Charity, our team has developed a stronger sense of self (both individually and collectively). Many on our team have grown significantly in understanding how to name what they are feeling and how it is affecting their response. The more open lines of communication on this subject have allowed for a different and more honest form of collaboration." - Rev. Yvi Martin

Steve Blacksher

"If you want to dig deep into what's going on in your call and ministry, and have someone come along side you for the journey to challenge and encourage you to move forward, then I would definitely tell you to hire Charity as a coach. One of the things that helps me the most is Charity's willingness to appropriately ask those tough questions. It's been vital to my journey!" - Steve Blacksher

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"When there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. " Proverbs 15:22

Pati Robertson

                              Kim Hoover

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Integer Network serves individuals and teams by fostering safe environments where people can learn how to be authentic, connected, and whole. We specialize in helping people to live integrated lives at work and at home..and we do it through coaching.


Inspiration. Scripture. Leadership. Emotional Wellness.

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