GET UP: Unearthing Your Passion and Taking Brave Action in 50 Days


Do you have dormant dreams or possibilities that lie prostrate?  This is your time to get up from burnout, wandering purpose, playing small, and compassion fatigue.


Are  you ready for your personal resurrection? To let your gifts and anointing rise and be seen, to speak truth in place of negative self-talk, and to courageously stand up for yourself or others?

GET UP is a devotion journal focused on Tabitha’s resurrection in Acts 9:36-42. The 50-day journey will help you unearth the purpose that is already inside of you and give you courage to live more fully. Your next 50 days will resemble that of Pentecost from death to resurrection to filled and refreshed with the power of the Holy Spirit so that you can impact and transform the world around you.


Pre-Order Bonuses

  1. Signed Book

  2. Your name entered into a raffle for one person to participate for FREE in the GET UP group coaching program, which will start on April 16 (valued at $297). The raffle winner will be selected at the book signing event in Columbia, MO on March 29 at the Missouri United Methodist Church between 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.

  3. Access to the Live Webinar:  Introduction to the Wring-Out the Word Method (WOW) on March 12 where you will learn how to use the Bible study method featured in GET UP. 

In the 60-minute webinar you will:

  • Learn the WOW method.

  • Discover ways emotions are at play in a scripture.

  • Uncover your own emotions.

  • Gain insight into the gospel's widsom

  • Identify how you relate or not to a character.

  • Name your next step of faith.

GET UP Group Coaching Program


The GET UP Group Coaching Program (BETA) is transformational coaching that helps you take what you're reading and integrate it into your life.

This Is For Those Ready To:
  • Grow in depth and cultivate courage

  • Identify your patterns and blocks

  • Learn a new way to study the Bible 

  • Trust yourself again or for the first time

  • Refresh your relationship with the Holy Spirit

Taking each chapter of GET UP you will review and assess your purpose journey while receiving group support as well as professional coaching.

Why You Can No Longer Keep Saying Someday & Circling The Same Questions About Your Purpose:
  • People are waiting to receive you and your gifts.

  • That trapped feeling eventually turns to complacency, regret, or resentment, if not tended.

  • All we have is the present, do something in the now.

  • You're saying 'no' or 'not yet' to God (and I believe God will continue calling you and inviting you, but the longer you say no, the easier it becomes to say no.)

  • Your situation won't change until you do.

  • Everyone else will continue to own your time (what's on your calendar for you?)

  • You're ready to not just look like you have it together, but know on the inside that you do.


If any on these resonate with you, you'd gain clarity, self trust, and courage to take action in this  group coaching program.


Join the GET UP Group Coaching Program as a founding member of what will become a signature coaching offer. Open for only 20 people to create a sense of community and to provide personal coaching for each of you. 

Planning to launch this again before the end the of year, at a different cost. When you join the Beta group you're part of the GET UP community indefinitely. 


This is not for everyone. However, for you who are  set on making 2020 matter by honing your personal vision and purpose, group coaching is the way to go for best results and transformation.

What's Included:
  • COMMUNITY: Read the GET UP book with others

  • WEEKLY TRAINING: Participate in 8 group coaching calls held weekly (see the topics below)

1. April 16:  Get Up and Be You 

You already have what you need. It might be covered up though.

2. April 23: Get Up and Grief ’s Pull Down

Grief is the forever friend. We can welcome it or push it away.

3. April 30: Get Up and Go Slow

Sometimes staying busy is the excuse we use not to focus on our passion and taking brave action.

4. May 7: Get Up and Show Up

Hiding out, playing small become badges of honor if we’re not careful.

5. May 14: Get Up and Grow Up

Maximize your areas of maturity to move you forward.

6. May 21: Get up again and again

Resurrection is not a one-time occurrence. 

7. May 28: Get Up and Power Up 

One role of the Holy Spirit is to empower us to be courageous, and risk-taking. 

8. June 4: Your Resurrection Day (No Call)

Declare your resurrection.

9. June 11: Group Celebration

  • ASSESSMENT & REVEIW: Assess yourself and review the book together chapter by chapter.

  • COACHING: Receive some love with laser coaching for 1-2 students each week on the group call (This is called the Love Seat)

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Join the exclusive Facebook Community to share wins, struggles, get accountability and receive coaching. 


  • Health and Spirituality training by Dr. Nneka Ichoku, DO, MPH. Dr. Ichoku is a board-certified osteopathic family medicine physician certified in medical acupuncture. She is the owner of Victorious Touch Acupuncture LLC offering osteopathic manipulative treatment and medical acupuncture focused on working on chronic stress and fatigue. She is a mother of 5, wife, physician and friend.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do we connect on the call?

Using you're able to call/video into the group calls. Link will be provided.


What if I miss a week?

No worries. Sometimes life gets in the way! All calls and bonus calls are recorded weekly and shared through email.


Why just 20 people?

This first group is small as it allows most people to have one-on-one coaching. For those that are uncomfortable, they can ask questions and get support in the Facebook group. So however you chose to engage, you will still receive support.


What's a beta group?

It just means that this is my first time offering this specific group coaching program to the public. I'll be spending extra time with you as I seek to  discover with you what's working best and what ways I want to improve the group going forward. You get to help me shape that! As a  founding member the financial investment is low as we build this program together. After I launch the program again, you'll remain part of the FB group as new people join.


Does identifying my purpose mean I'm starting a business?

It doesn't have to be at all. You might end up starting a ministry, group,  or choosing how to spend your time living your passion. Essentially, we want your calendar will reflect what you're most passionate about regardless what form it takes.


Can I make payments?

Sure. You can pay $168.50 now and then again within 25 days after the start of the program. However the best deal is the full payment of $297 for the 8 week program.

Are these fees non-refundable?

No but the fees are can be transferred to other services with Speaking Life.

Can you guarantee my success?

Only you can guarantee your success. Completing the journal and giving yourself time is most important. My role is to support you in stepping beyond your comforts and into a space of growth. I assure you, I will be with you along the way.

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