Do you have dormant dreams or possibilities that lie prostrate?  This is your time to get up from burnout, wandering purpose, playing small, and compassion fatigue.

Are  you ready for your personal resurrection? To let your gifts and anointing rise and be seen, to speak truth in place of negative self-talk, and to courageously stand up for yourself or others?

GET UP is a devotion journal focused on Tabitha’s resurrection in Acts 9:36-42. The 50-day journey will help you unearth the purpose that is already inside of you and give you courage to live more fully and boldly. Your next 50 days will resemble that of Pentecost from death to resurrection to filled and refreshed with the power of the Holy Spirit so that you can impact and transform the world around you.

Book: $14.95


   Maybe you’ve been on a journey of looking for yourself, your

passion, or your calling. What if you already have what you’re looking for? I know what it’s like to search in earnest. I also know how easy it is to“play opossum” and lay low instead of shining my light and truly being seen by others. When we say yes to what we already know to be true inside of us, then we can never go back to not knowing.

   The onus becomes on us. The responsibility and accountability to do something with our gift, passion, purpose or call becomes apparent to us, yet frankly, it’s easier to continue hiding it from others. We hide in graves that we dig for ourselves. When you feel purposeless or directionless, you’ve encountered a grave situation.