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Meet Charity Goodwin

About Speaking Life

Pastor, Author,

Certified Coach & Speaker

"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10 


As a mom, pastor, and one who has suffered panic attacks and body break down from stress and anxiety, Charity's continual journey is to honor and navigate feelings and her place in life. Charity is here to help you do the same.


Rev. Charity Goodwin holds the view that faith is to be practiced not just believed. As a follower of Jesus and minister of the gospel, her first ministry is as mom to Gabriel and Levi.


Charity is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. In addition to her role as Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Groups at The Gathering, she speaks, preaches and facilitates workshops on leadership, emotional intelligence, vulnerability and courage for Christians institutions or organizations. With degrees in journalism and divinity, she strengthens her ministry within in and beyond the walls of the church with credentials as a facilitator of Brené Brown’s research, a coach, practitioner and assessor of emotional intelligence. 


She’s spoken to both large and intimate groups in person, virtually, and on podcasts, 


Charity is author of GET UP: Unearthing Your Passion & Taking Brave Action in 50 Days and its facilitator guide, which she co-wrote with her mentee, Brittany Radford. 


Charity writes a weekly newsletter and blog. To get leadership and emotional wellness wisdom rooted in Christianity or to learn more about services for your institution, sign up here. 


About Speaking Life

Meet Charity Goodwin

Speaking Life was born out of the demand for Charity Goodwin's dynamic coaching, facilitation, preaching, and speaking for businesses and organizations. Its mission is: to inspire and integrate emotional health and wholeness among today's leaders.

Vision: “Transforming millions now, so billions are impacted later.”


Speaking Life Values: 

  • Resilience: There is no failure. We get up from every fall. We won’t give on you. Don’t give up on yourself.

  • Brilliance: We give permission to shine by taking the lead and pioneering.

  • Exuberance: We cultivate joy on the journey through gratitude.

  • Eloquence: We put words to our experience and then we speak from wisdom gained through practice.

  • Transcendence: We believe in the power of faith and connection to God.


Speaking Life is committed to supporting your transformations and elevation.


Are you ready to up-level your heart set, mindset, and use your skillset to breakthrough burnout and into the purpose you've always had with a new courage? 

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Media Appearances

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Inspiration. Scripture. Leadership. Emotional Wellness.

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