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Why I Started a Small Group

My daily work is about small group leadership, participation, support and promotion. This week I’ll be starting a group with a co-leader. 


It’s so easy to do the work of groups and not be in one. To borrow language from others or my past experiences about their benefits doesn’t feel authentic. This isn’t my first group but it feels like it. Jitters about will the people mesh, be open, and even if they’ll show up at all are filling my head. 

I started this group because I needed something during the day and I want to connect with people who generally identify as a leader; at work, at home, in community. That person who can be so committed to others and at the same time desires space to just be with folks who get that. Also I wanted a group of folks who want to grow in their faith, talk about it, sort through it and allow it to shape them as leaders and children of God. 


I love starting groups with two leaders. It is biblical that we work and serve two by two (Luke 10). I also value shared leadership. Lastly, it’s great to have a person who values and is good at communicating via email with the group at large. So my co-leader does that part and together we create the email content /outline. 

Person invitations were done by prayer and practicality. I did some prayerful scrolling of my FB posts to see who engaged in certain things and asked them to check out the group. I sent emails, texts, and FB Messenger invites to people who crossed my mind as well. Most people said yes to checking it out. No one is committed beyond checking it out and I can’t wait for our first gathering this week! 

I find that we don't ask nor invite people to participate near enough. It's about numbers ask lots of people and then you have "enough". We can sometimes stop after the first No or third or tenth. Keep asking, inviting.


To begin we’re getting to know each other, why we said yes to check out to the group along with a scripture that’s ministering in this season or a favorite scripture and why. 

From there we will discuss content such as books of the Bible, books, podcasts, sermons etc that we may want to explore during our time together. Again, group input is important and is apart of us all contributing.  In fact, others can facilitate the group at times as well. The leadership is flat. 

A few key takeaways:

  • Leaders and pastors need community and space for spiritual conversation and reflection. 

  • Lead groups in pairs. 

  • Share leadership with others in the group.

  • Vary content

  • Invite because people are waiting for your invitation more than you know. 

If you or your church is planning small groups for fall, email

to receive the free training: 90 Days to Launch Your Small Groups. 


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