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What do small group leaders need to hear?

My son is going to Cub Scout camp this week. It’s only two nights but I’m proud of him for going and trying something new (without me). After reviewing the camp packet, I learned that campers can get mail, however, it needed to be sent days ahead of the camper’s arrival. (His granny has already mailed her letters). I, on the other hand, am going to place letters in his luggage as a surprise.

I was struck by this instruction to write in advance. To ask the question, what will he need to hear on day one or two? What will encourage him, make him feel safe, or simply loved? (I'll share his pics soon).

As the church is preparing for new small group leaders as well as new group participants, we’re also asking what people need to hear.

Consider that leaders need to hear the following among other things:

  • We trust that God is at work in their leadership and that they are and are becoming strong leaders.

  • You’re not alone. Coaches are here every step of the way.

  • Your commitment to groups helps us live out the vision of the church. This matters greatly for people and their experience of God through the church.

Consider that new participants need to hear the following among other things:

  • You can check out a group to see if it’s a fit.

  • If you had a thought or felt an impression that this is the year to join a group, that’s God, listen and sign up today.

  • You’re in good hands. Leaders are trained quarterly in person and receive monthly digital training.

Lastly, there is also a group of people who’ve been in a group and are no longer. The reasons vary. They may need to hear;

  • It’s okay that you’ve been out of groups for a while. But the longer you’re not connected the harder it can be to reconnect. Don’t let another year go by without saying yes.

  • If you had an experience that’s left you doubting groups, reach out to a pastor to share that. We want to help you continue to heal and we want to assess and evaluate one of our most important ministries.

  • Here's a chance to lead the group you’d like to experience.

If you or your church is planning small groups for fall, email

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