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Tip your toe into the Emotional Intelligence with Unlocking Your EQ. See the ways that EQ can help you practice your faith more fully and lead with more grace. 

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Improve wellbeing, relationships, quality of life and & effectiveness
  • Learn to put emotional intelligence into action

Emotional intelligence is “being smarter with feelings” – a powerful set of learnable skills that fuels insight, connection, and purpose. So how do you use it? Understand more about your unique way of using emotions with an introductory assessment + mini course + custom debrief.

TAKE an Emotional Intelligence assessment created by the accreditedSixSeconds.Org

(you’ll receive the results at the debrief)

LEARN more in the introductory mini course delivered to your mailbox.

GROW from a custom debrief by me, a Certified Assessor with SixSeconds, on 


Mini Course: Unlocking Your Emotional Intelligence


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