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What to do When You're Not Motivated?

What to do when you're not motivated?

Go back to your values.

This week’s EQ competency is Engage Intrinsic Motivation, which is gaining energy from personal values and commitments versus being driven by others.

I have a set of both personal and business values. My personal values are faith (which I view as formation, being shaped along the way), family (love them all but most immediate are my two boy joys Gabriel and Levi), and fulfillment (being and doing that which brings my joy, accomplishment, allows me to contribute in a meaningful way).

There’s a free values handout for you at the end of this.

When I’m lacking motivation, I turn inward. I turn to these values and I ask how they apply to what I’m going through or a project I’m working on. Often, it wouldn’t take me long for me to see the connection and I l’d get a spark of energy to continue on.

With that said, if I find myself coming back to the same place of motivation about the same issue, I turn to my noble goal (purpose). We will explore that in the post next week.

Does your church or organization have expressed values? In what ways do you ascribe to them? As a leader we help set the tone and energy. Too often we feel responsible for other people's motivation. What if we coached them to engage the church’s values, their own values and see how they’re rejuvenated?

Now even as I say this, I know some folks don’t have values discerned. No judgment. I got you! I’m linking here a free resource to help you identify your values and ways to protect them and celebrate them as you lead.


Action Brings Clarity: Download the free handout to identify your values. Then share them with a person you trust to help you live, love, and lead from them.


By the way, when I work with pastors I serve from these 4 values: Christ-centered, community, courage, and co-creators. I’m so glad to be on this journey with you.


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