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How to Know Your Purpose: The Role of Community

“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out” (Proverbs 20:5)

It can be lonely discerning your purpose. It can also feel isolating and scary.

That’s why it’s important to include others on the journey. So who are these people? Whose voice and presence to welcome?

  • Trusted Friends- In a world where we are surrounded by a lot of people, “friends”, be clear who are the ones you trust and that trust you. The ones who speak truth into your life out of love.

  • Spiritual Mentor or Pastor - Allow them to speak life into you as you unearth what’s inside. This person is there to encourage you and be a soft place to land because you will feel frustrated at times. But they are also there to celebrate with you.

  • Coach - A little different than the pastor, the coach is going to ask questions and create a safe place for you to wrestle with those questions. Coaching helps you name patterns, feelings, and brainstorm new possibilities.

  • Fellow purpose partners - Many are fellow journeyers within to unearth purpose. Being in community with them normalizes purpose seeking.

  • Ancestors and Authors - For me, Maya Angelou is both ancestor and author who both grounds me and encourages me to dream, soar, and be me. I call her Mama Maya because though she rests with the communion of saints, she continues to bless me with wisdom.


Action Brings Clarity

  1. Review each of the people who could be part of your journey. Who are they for you? Do you have some but not others? Who can you ask to serve with you in these roles? Connect with them this week.

  2. Community Calls on Wednesday morning at 6 CST are great times to connect with fellow purpose partners. Sign up for the newsletter to get the link.

  3. Look at purpose with an Emotional Intelligence lens. This is a six step approach to identifying and living into your purpose. April date is forthcoming.

© Charity Goodwin, 2023.



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