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Get Clear On These 8 Areas of Your Life

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

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Knowing your level of potential burnout is key to preventing it. And yes you can do this by assessing where you are. Using the wheel of life tool you identify and rate areas of your life such as finances, relationships and work. Ideally, plotting your rates and seeing what kind of wheel/circle you have. Typically, it’s not smooth rather bumpy. This is a visual cue that burnout is possible and which area(s) of life might contribute to it.

This time of year I begin assessing and preparing my goals, word of the year, and habit strategies. I start however with the wheel of life to get a snapshot of the whole of me. From there I can see key areas that need my attention and I can celebrate other areas and the growth I’ve experienced.

This year it’s clear my physical health is out of whack. I always want to improve it but this year compared to other areas, it stands out as a problem to me. So it will be a focus. Instead of a weight goal, which I’ve done in the past, I’m focusing on a habit or two around my health. I’ve not decided what these will be yet, however re-reading Atomic Habits by James Clear is helping me. I highly recommend this book. I have so many mmms and wows while listening to the audiobook.

To get started preventing Burnout you gotta know where you’re likely to lose it. What can push you over the edge in your life? The wheel of life can help with this.


Action Brings Clarity

After you do this for yourself, consider who else might benefit - a mentee, family member, staff, board at church. Then share this blog post with them. Even doing that is a sign of great leadership/influence.



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