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5 Keys to Create Buy In

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

"Without vision the people perish. Without people the vision perishes." Matt Miofsky

When I heard these words my inside shook. After more than 20 years in ministry, I heard these last fall and felt this truth in my bones.

In conversation with church leaders preparing their board retreats for this year one theme has been buy-in. Sharing a vision but also getting others to buy in to that vision requires a different set of skills.

You need buy-in. Without it you could be leading and no one is following. Buy in confirms that people are on board and willing or at least curious about the direction you’re leading them. Buy in also ensure the subsequent work belongs to other people.

Have you ever pitched a vision? The people listened politely and then you went off to make it happen. Only to be left doing the work and others refuse or avoid helping. This can come from not creating buy in from the on set.

Hear are ## keys to create buy in:

  1. Write the vision/idea. (Use an Image, memorable wording that helps it stick)

  2. Pitch the vision with one or two trusted folks (ministry leaders, chairs, your #2). Get as much feedback from them as you can to make changes.

  3. Share the vision with key leaders and listen. What cons come up that you can address later? What energy is created? It’s God’s vision through you and yet but in helps the vision to belong to everyone. Listen for ways to continue to help people own the vision with you.

  4. Highlight resistance. It may not be well received. Name the resistance and hesitancy aloud. Rephrase the comments you hear and ask questions to get underneath the surface. It may reveal to the people another layer of the problem that you’re solving with the vision. A good question to ask when you encounter road blocks in buy-in is “what’s at stake if we don’t go this direction?”

  5. Based on how that meeting goes you either add subsequent agenda items or next steps about the vision to implement it or to revisit after considering people’s contributions.


Action Brings Clarity

  • Reflect on the last time you cast a vision. What went well? How would you describe your process for gaining buy in?

  • Take some time to look ahead. What’s the next vision/idea you’re sharing? Consider the 5 keys as you prepare.

© Charity Goodwin, 2023.



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