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4 Ways For Pastors to Actually Connect with Christ at Christmas

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

On a scale of 1(low) - 5 (high) what’s your stress level this season?

I can’t tell you how many times I missed Christmas due to stress. I mean I was present for the services but I was so busy trying to do everything I didn’t really celebrate. It’s easy to do ministry and miss the message ourselves. So here are 4 tips to have fun and connect with Christ this Christmas season.

1. Weekend Wonder Experiences

Plan something fun to do every weekend such as caroling, putting up the tree, seeing lights, bake cookies, etc. These events could be solo excursions or done with family or friends. But they should be things you want to do and cultivate your sense of wonder.

2. Celebrate Late (or early)

Jesus probably was born in spring time anyway. So go ahead and celebrate Christmas in the New Year when things might be a little calmer. Or in February after the big rush of folks coming

back in the New year. You could even celebrate the week leading to New Year’s. Plan to have a guest on New Year’s or carol sing along with no sermon (hint: It’s not too late to make this happen!) Grant yourself grace and a break.

3. Go to a different church

Choose a colleague or a different denomination’s concert or Traveler's service to attend. This way you get to experience Christmas without having to lead.

4. Advent Devotional

Choose one. Whether an actual book or video series. Check out the ones at Work of the People because it’s visual. You can do it weekly and not daily. Scott the Painter does amazing art and reflections on IG. He has the book Honest Advent. There is power in experiencing a season through a different sense, in this case visual.


Action Brings Clarity

What other ideas do you have? Comment below and share a tip to help others looking to go through this Season with wonder and joy rather than stress and dread.

Bonus Tip:

Amp up your vitamins, Emergen-C or whatever you do to support your immune system. Every year I get strep or lose my voice just before or right after Christmas. Take care of your body in whatever ways that feel luxurious or even over the top. Double down on tending to your body.



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