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Changing Roles

I’m changing roles at The Gathering where I serve as a site pastor to the Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Groups. While I’ve been blogging about teams this month, I’ve been creating a new team, transitioning off of another one, and shoring up one that needs help. Let’s just say, I’m over here taking my own advice as I reflect and write. It’s been a lot to carry honestly. Yet, the unhealthy tendency to hunker down and do it myself is not an option. Maybe you’re like me in that way, when things get stressful is when we need to rely and delegate to our teams or start one rather than assuming all responsibility and becoming burnout, tired or exhausted.

So I’m telling you as a f

m of accountability so that I will not do it myself. I will trust others to help. OK, so what about you?

Who are you trusting these days? And with what?

Join me Friday for the Best Ministry Teams Start Here: Free Workshop. I am so excited to do this with you!


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